Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are reliable switching mechanisms that require low maintenance and low voltage switching, along with a graphic overlay cover with a flexible multi-layer circuit.  Our designers have unlimited options with the vast array of features that new technology continues to offer. 

The graphic layer print is protected from damage and scratching because it is printed beneath polycarbonate or polyester top substrate.  Our team can assist with graphic and technical design and we will provide accurate, complete drawings and diagrams for your membrane switch development process before production begins.We are also able to assist with back plates, precision colour matching, PCBs, stainless steel constructions and piezo button assemblies.

The polyester-based materials that make up our membrane switch panels provide superior environmental performance.  Tactile response is provided by thermally formed polyester poly domes or stainless steel domes.  Electrical terminations and environmental sealing are provided for your electronics and enclosures.

The complex graphics and logos are printed in a hard wearing solution to keep your equipment looking exceptional while continuing to function for up to three million actuations.  

Graphic overlays for membrane switches
The top layers of membrane switch applications are comprised of graphic overlays.  We are committed to designing colour match solutions for your products according to your own specifications.  Insotec provides a whole line of polycarbonate, acrylic, and polyester materials.  We will incorporate all your requirements for finishes and textures, with solutions that withstand weathering and tactile feedback.

Membrane Switch Adhesives
Our staff will carefully consider the operating environments of your membrane switch applications.  Since environmental factors are a crucial part of mounted devices and adhesive selections, we will recommend the perfect adhesives to meet your needs.  We partner with leading manufacturers in adhesive products for the latest in cutting edge technology.

Shielding solutions
Our engineers have worked to solve problems with radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference, and electrostatic discharge protection for our clients.

Value Added In-Surface Mounted Components
Design considerations can require surface mounted technologies with intuitive interfaces.  Insotec can embed resistors and LEDs, as well as unique lighting components to add value to your system interface.  We use lighting solutions such as LED indication, backlighting, and dead fronts to make your applications more user-friendly.

Insotec Australia is proud to offer the following membrane switch options:
Tactile devices – these metal domes are inserted into the membrane switch for a physical tactile response when clicked.  Designed to be above the circuit or part of the circuit in a wide variety of sizes.  Polyester domes are an alternative that permanently form one layer of the membrane into its dome shape.
Texturing – Insotec adds texture into the graphic overlay in matte or gloss finish, and every finish in-between.  To make the LCD or LED displays clearly visible, windows are printed into the matte polyester and can be colour-tinted to your specifications.  
Our membrane switches have an unending variety of design options which include:
Front surface gloss/matte selective textures
Embossed borders/keys
Secret until lit windows and text
Coloured LCD /LED windows
Our designers are constantly providing innovations for the membrane switch, including key and feature embossing, interchangeable legends, die cut apertures, UV cured textures that provide enhanced chemical resistance, water clear and anti-glare LCD displays, RFI/ESD shields with silver conductive ink and clear conductive ink, standard and extreme condition options, and single, double or multi-layer membranes.

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