In Mould Decoration

IMD offers many design flexibility and productivity advantages when compared to other decoration methods applied after moulding. These benefits include design flexibility - multiple colours, effects and textures with a single operation; long-lasting graphics; ease of rebadging and systems cost reductions.

Design Flexibility 

This allows you to express your corporate branding, or if desired enable you to easily manufacture products with radically different looks. 

As end users are familiar with and expect high quality scratchproof graphics, similar to those found on everday items such as mobile phones, many of our clients wish to ensure their products meet that expectation. IMD graphics simiplify this process, offering exceptional quality with an impressive finsh.

Multiple Colors, Effects, & Textures with a Single Operation 

IMD allows you to achieve different colours, effects and textures that are complete when the part comes out of the mould. When any of these factors need to change, there is no need to re-tool or change resin color. Just simply change the film and you can change the appearance or texture dramatically. 

Long-lasting Graphics 

"Life-lasting" graphics are encapsulated between film and resin with IMD. Unlike traditional 1st surface graphics that can wear off, 2nd surface IMD graphics can not be removed without destroying the part. 

Manufacturing Productivity 

Manufacturing gains can include: 
- Reduced secondary operations and labour 
- Production that moulds and decorates in one operation 
- Elimination of adhesive (cost and process) 
- Lower system costs in many applications 
- Reduced inventory with capability to stock only one color of resin.

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