Insotec Australia leads the market for designing, printing, and the manufacturing of products used to identify, control, communicate, direct, brand, and move. 

We design and supply Polyester and Polycarbonate graphic overlays that control our clients' machines and equipment, as well as metal rating plates produced in stainless steel, aluminum and brass. 

We offer a range of surface textures on our graphic overlays and features such as dead fronting, translucent LED inks, selective plating and of course embossing and intricate diecutting.

Insotec also produces critical components used in electronics assembly, such as specialty adhesives that are die cut or laser cut for the production of gaskets and seals and for internal component bonding like keypads, lenses, and switches.  We also convert adhesives and other products to build breathable valves that equalize pressure and protect your sensitive electronics from water ingress and dust, in addition to printing and die cutting light diffusers for various applications.

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