Silicone Keypads

Insotec Australia designs and manufactures keypads in many types and configurations, for a wide range of applications and industries. 

Silicone rubber keypads are used in industrial electronic products and consumer products because they have a low cost and are a reliable switch solution.  Using compression moulding properties of silicone rubber, the technology uses the depression of the switch in the webbing to uniformly form and produce a tactile response.  When the pressure is removed, the webbing returns to its neutral position and offers positive feedback.  A gold or carbon pill is placed on the base of the switch to make contacts with the PCB when the web has been deformed.  

Insotec Australia offers custom keypads that use the moulding process with silicones produced by various manufacturers including Dow and GE.  We’ll take your unique needs and produce custom keypads and other silicone rubber products with complex key shapes, housings, and other required features.  This specialized three-dimensional construction will be combined with screened graphics and wear resist coatings to provide application specific keypads that meet your needs.  

Plastic Keycaps On Plastic Keypads

Since plastic keypads can be moulded into various shapes and contours, they fit perfectly onto the conductive rubber keypad base.  This method enhances the appearance and the feel of the rubber keypad.  We will help you design the conductive rubber keypads to perfectly fit your product, and the plastic keycaps or other conductive rubber keypads and silicone switches to fully realize your design.  Key trees may be plastic base arrays or rubber keypads that are manufactured to allow the keys to attach or rest on the base.  

This technique keeps the tooling cost low compared to injection moulding.  A typical keypad has a Shore A hardness of around 50.  The keypad is inert and extremely flexible, so silicone rubber can be used in other products, like seals and grommets for waterproofing.  

The silicone rubber keypad features the following:  Shore A 30° through Shore A 70°, glossy polyurethane spray coating, matte polyurethane spray coating, plastic Keycaps, epoxy coating, positive printing, laser etching, carbon pills, negative printing, activation forces from 100G to  250G, with various silicone rubber shapes and button sizes .  

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