Moulded Plastics

At Insotec, we offer a range of processing methods for plastic parts. One of our specialties is injection moulding, which is the process of injecting a molten thermoplastic polymer into a hardened steel mould.  After the polymer is cooled, the mould is opened along a split line to reveal the product.  This method is used when the customer requires a combination of tight tolerances, specific polymers in a matched colours and an aesthetic external finish which can range from high gloss mirror polish to patterned textures. 

Injection moulding is also used when the low cost of unit production can justify the relatively high cost of tooling moulds.  Typically this process is used when production batch size requirements are over 1000 units per moulding run.  We process a large range of engineering polymers, including ABS, Polypropylene, Polyesters, and Polycarbonate blends.

Careful tooling design allows us to incorporate under-cuts and other complex features in the injection moulding tools, simplifying or even eliminating the need for secondary assemblies.  Additionally we offer a range of extra processing, including overmoulding, dual shot moulding, metal insertion, plating, laser etching and printing.

Some of the injection moulded products we have produced include: 

  • Equipment housings
  • Internal Chassis components
  • Gear and rack components
  • Laboratory products
  • Medical equipment
  • Agricultural parts
  • Heavy Duty cases

We offer 3D file development for plastic parts should this be required and will assist with the material selection process to suit your environmental and functional considerations.

Our tooling department personnel  combine their many years of experience in custom mould design to meet all of your precise tooling requirements for prototyping applications and plastic injection tooling. 

The following is a partial list of the current moulding materials for Insotec Australia:

ABS, PC, ABS/PC blends,  PET, TPE, TPR, PP +GF,  LDPE, PA66, PVC, PMMA, PP, PU, SAN, Aluminum Alloy, Zinc, Zinc Alloy, Aluminum, TPU, etc. 

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